Please, read this page carefully before attempting to book a date with me. It may be a little exhaustive, but includes everything you might need to know.

I am based in Frankfurt am Main, but as a High-Class Escort and Travel Companion, I am available for bookings all over the world. The minimum booking time outside Europe is 48 hours. The minimum booking time outside Frankfurt is 5 hours. Less than 5 hours I am available only in Frankfurt.

For local meetings Advanced bookings are appreciated and highly recommended. I am available with an hour minimum notice. The earlier you make your reservation, the better your chance of being available. I prefer to receive my gift within the first minutes of our meeting as discreet as possible.If I don't answer the phone, I am probably busy. I recommend you to send me a text message - I will respond as soon as possible.

For dates outside Frankfurt it is advised to contact me minimum 3 days before your preferred dates, to ensure that I am available, and to allow time for travel arrangements to be made. If we already know each other please DO NOT forget to mention it, I need the opportunity to refuse in a bad chemistry.

If you wish to meet or get to know me a little before our travel date, I suggest a local meeting in Frankfurt, so we can spend some time chatting and see if we feel the chemistry we are seeking. Even if our chemistry is magic, please understand your purpose in this relationship, therefore I am always charging for the time spent with clients – coffee date, dinner date, or anything else. The arranged donations are for my time and companionship.

Please note that when booking OUTSIDE Frankfurt, a 40% deposit will need to be paid in advance. I will require a round trip ticket and hotel booking confirmation. The travel expenses to other cities and countries are not included in the fee. Full funds are required before any arrangements will be made. Please do NOT purchase any tickets until after the funds have cleared.

In case of cancellation from the client’s side, the deposit is NOT refundable regardless the reason! Deposits are not refundable but can be used towards a rescheduled date, within 3 months. Of course if I need to cancel, the deposit is refundable. Deposits are meant to protect my companionship business, including my time and income, against fake bookers, time wasters, game players and serial cancelers.

Your main obligations are to be a respectful gentleman in a good hygiene. I am available for ONE MAN only. Make sure you understand what I offer. If you have any service requirements which are not listed in my Service, they are probably not offered. Before we proceed with our date please make sure you have prepared the donation, we have agreed upon, in an unsealed envelope, placed in a visible spot - a Lady does not like to ask.

For dates longer than 24 hours I must have four to five stars accommodation, access to room service, phone access at all times, and any material provisions required. I must also have my own room key, and have the freedom to come and go as I please. 6 hours uninterrupted sleep every 24 hours is a requirement, and around 2 hours daily time for my personal needs (facial treatments, bath, hair, make-up, personal phone calls, emails etc). If you feel you cannot afford to take care of me like this, you should book a lower-priced escort model, so you can properly afford to look after her.

I am an unattached woman who loves her freedom. It is imperative to me that you understand, recognize and accept the limitations of our professional, but yet, very special intimate friendship. Please, understand that I am not obliged to maintain any contact other than arranging meetings. The people who are interested in daily updates and the erotic communication lovers can subscribe to the service Monthly Girlfiriend Experience.

I reserve the right to immediately terminate the date without refund or further explanation, if I feel you have been disrespectful of any of my rules, including but not limited to: being under the influence of alcohol or drugs,being rude or aggressive, video or sound recordings.

Please kindly respect that this is protocol and also non-negotiable.